Lindsay Place Alumni Foundation Plays a Prominent Role

In September, when Mrs. Bianchi, principal of Lindsay Place High School, sought the alumni’s advice re the renovation of the auto shop into a dance studio, she didn’t expect the alumni to play such a prominent, hands-on role. Now that the dance studio is near completion, Mrs. Bianchi lauds Mr. Peter Nauth’s involvement: he accepted responsibility to sell the leftover auto shop equipment, worked with the Board’s maintenance crew to clean the oil off the floor, arranged for the professional cleaning of the auto shop and purchased the paint and painting supplies.

During each phase, Mr. Nauth’s expertise and willingness to expend time and energy were the catalysts needed to complete this project. At a recent January meeting of the Lindsay Place Alumni Foundation’s directors, on behalf of the staff, parents and students, Mrs. Bianchi thanked Mr. Nauth for his commitment to this project and extending thanks to the alumni for its continued efforts to raise funds for the school.

The Foundation funded three bursaries awarded at Convocation in June, 2013 – the Lindsay H. Place Bursary, the Douglas Hicks Bursary and the Lindsay Place Alumni Foundation Bursary. The Foundation has also aided students financially, by paying tutorial fees. Requests for the Foundation’s assistance are channeled through the Lindsay Place administration.

Coinciding with Lindsay Place’s 50th Anniversary Reunion celebration in October, 2012, the reunion committee members decided to form a foundation to raise funds for Lindsay Place High School. Last year the Foundation directors organized and held its inaugural golf tournament during the last Friday in June and the initial Octoberfest Dance: both were moderately successful in raising funds for Lindsay Place.

The Foundation’s latest endeavour involves the organization of a Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament during the first week of May. We urge parents to participate in these fund raising activities as 100% of the money raised is channeled back to Lindsay Place High School and its students. The Foundation will post additional information on these activities on the Lindsay Place High School website and the Lindsay Place Alumni Foundation’s website in March.

Lindsay Place Alumni Foundation’s Board of Directors

Tricia Roet (Class of 65) Barry Belak (Class of 68)

Bob Eyton-Jones (Class of 76) Peter Nauth (Class of 76)

Peter Bolle (Class of 80) President Gihan Hanna (Class of 82)

Brendan Kimura (Class of 2012) Margot Place

Bill Holt (former teacher) Mrs. Bianchi (Principal)

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