Lindsay Place-Remembered

During the past year former teacher and Alumni member Mr. Bill Holt has been compiling a yearly historical review of each school year, starting from 1962.  To date he has produced years up to 1968. 

Each year contains well over 100 pages each, so there will be lots to look over and even more to remember.

Memories of Lindsay Place Obtaining a Copy

Memories of Lindsay Place Promotional Page for Facebook

We ask for a $10 donation to the Lindsay Place Alumni Foundation for
each year, plus $5.00 to cover shipping costs (3 years = $30 + $5 = $35). The
Foundation will send you a tax receipt for any donations of $20 or more.
Some donors may want to donate to the Foundation and allow the directors to
make decisions on how the funds will be used. Presently, the Foundation
provides funds for tutoring, graduating students’ bursaries, and major school
projects. However, other donors might want to choose how their donations
should be used. Accordingly, we have provided an insight into some of the
school’s needs.

Music: Lindsay Place High School has a well-established music program.
Running the program involves routine repairs, maintenance and replacement of
instruments. Musical scores must also be purchased. Some students, whose
families face financial difficulties, need financial support to pay for the individual
tutorials that are a required component of the music and band Étude programs.
Help us keep this extraordinary tradition alive.

Drama & Theatre: Theatrical performances, our famous musicals, as well as the
drama component of our Arts curriculum make a substantial contribution to the
school life. Costs are incurred from set production, procuring costumes, and
purchasing musical scores. Participating in a theatrical production is part of what
makes high school so memorable.

Physical Education & Athletics: Participation in athletics has paved the way to
success for countless Lindsay Place students. Costs for team uniforms,
expensive sports equipment, team registration, and paying for substitutes for
coaches, continue to grow.

Computers & Technology: Technological tools are important in today’s schools.
A significant portion of our resources goes towards purchasing, maintaining, and
upgrading computers and related material (SMART boards, projectors, printers)
and investing in computer programs and software that are geared towards
improving student learning.

STEAM 2 / Science: Our teaching staff is in the process of establishing Lindsay
Place High School as STEAM 2 school which requires teachers to meet, plan and
evaluate cross-curricular projects that involve the sciences, arts and humanities.
Science education has always been a focal point at Lindsay Place High School.
In order to keep our program current, lab equipment must be kept up-to-date,
cleaned, maintained, and replaced. For example, our microscopes are sent out to
be cleaned every two years. Special projects, displays and presentations also
require significant financial support.

Financial Support for Students: It is part of our mission as a community school
to be able to support those students whose families may be facing financial
hardship. Not being able to play on a sports team, having to forgo a special
school trip, or even missing out on the school prom should never be part of any
student’s memory of high school.
Thank you for your donation and enjoy your “Memories of Lindsay Place High



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